Block agreements with local education authorities

At first glance, it is hugely expensive to ensure that each individual school has a song reflecting its outlook and ethos.   Yet, subject to the overall requirement that the proposal is self-financing and covers its costs, it may be possible for schools to have their own song at little cost, or even free of charge.

Although there can be agreements with individual institutions or groupings of institutions, one way to keep the cost very low would be via simple  block agreements with local education authorities.  The agreement would relate to all educational institutions in the authority’s area and allow them to use any (or even all) of the 250 songs in the five albums although,  in practice, a school would probably use only one or two.

Thus, generally, it is likely that institutions within an area would have access to the songs free of charge but with the  local authority  paying a moderate annual licensing fee (the precise amount depending on the number and type of schools in its area).  Of course, an authority, should it wish, would be able to recoup the (small) proportion of the fee relating to an individual educational institution or grouping.

Out of the annual licensing fees would come a sum to pay the National Centre’s  administrative and on-going costs as more and more schools throughout the country come to have their own songs.

Local authorities would need to purchase sets of the five albums.  They would then be able to use the sets to ‘cascade’ the songs to the educational institutions in their area.