Any educational institution may use any of the 250 songs.

However, a particular institution, or grouping of institutions such as a Multi-academy Trust, may wish to have its own unique Song.  Its theme could be anything from local pride and regional flavour (e.g., of the Isle of Wight) to particular aspects of the institution’s tradition, practices and ethos..

Furthermore,, it may be wished to have the institution’s motto (and, if in Latin, also its meaning in English) embodied in the words.

Since another 3,000 (three thousand) lovely melodies are already available a unique Song can be written with the final words coming after correspondence and discussion.

However,  please note that, depending on the circumstances, several meetings and even travel etc could be involved and such things can cost money.

(In addition to any necessary expenses) standard prices of £350 or £550 or £750 for purchase of sole copyright are proposed.