National Centre of Excellence for School (Assembly) Songs and Partnership


It is proposed that there be a National Centre of Excellence for School (Assembly) Songs i.e., the host institution with whom partnership would be established.  The Centre could  be based in an independent or state school; a local government education authority; a church charitable organisation’ a college or university with possible preference for the latter (see below).

In order to defray setting-up costs it may be necessary to apply to the Arts Council of England.

One Centre is preferable but, for geographical and other reasons, two Centres could be required  because in the UK there are 16,000 primary schools, 3,100 secondary schools and 150 local authorities.

In any case, the general principle is of partnership with the host institution which wants to help introduce school songs everywhere and which understands that such songs are crucial in perpetuating society’s main positive values.

Depending on the detailed arrangements, the host institution would have income to cover costs and the actual administrative and music work could generally be done by Songs For Schools.

Yet, that said, staff and students of the National Centre would  also be encouraged to develop their skills and do the composing and writing of songs which is why a college or unversity might be preferable.  There is likely to be a lot of work not least because English-speaking countries around the world may also wish to have songs.