It is proposed that there be a National Centre of Excellence for Assembly Songs.  The Centre can be based in any institution (e.g., a  Multi-Academy Trust, Local Education Authority or national broadcasting organisation such as the BBC) which wants every UK educational institution to have its own Song and understands that such Songs give joy as well as encouraging social cohesion and the perpetuation of society’s main values. 

The National Centree would need to host a major website from which all two hundred and fifty songs can be downloaded.  Construction of the website would incur a cost for which application to the Arts Council for financial support could be made.

For ease of administration and in accordance with major social and charitable purpose, copyright to the songs would be transferred to the Centre.

English-speaking institutions around the world may also wish to have their own Songs.

NB.  A National Centre agreeing to host the proposed website (thus promoting Assembly Songs) would become the focus of much national, indeed, international, interest and so become renown worldwide.