Together, these ten Songs give some idea of the range of what is available.  They are typical rather than the best.

The identification number of each Song is on the left.

Each Song has a synthesised recording for listening.

Please click on the synthesised recording and then immediately click on the purple PDF of the sheet music.  In this way you can hear the music and read the score and words at the same time.

1 – I’ll Never Forget – Primary

7 – When I Remember (Glory to April) – Primary

9 – Prayer – Primary & Secondary

13 – Say Thank You and Please – Infants

22 – Play the Ball and Never the Man  – Boys Secondary

86 – We Are Girls – Girls Secondary

90 – My Faith In My Country – British Values.  Boys and Girls Secondary

103 – Our School is Like an Apple – Primary

115 – We Are Pleased to Meet – Boys & Girls Secondary

251 – Now We Leave (Leaving Hymn) – Boys & Girls Secondary